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5 November 2019

Nordic APIs 2019 Platform Summit

Tags: REST - GraphQL - API - Consumer - Nordic APIs - Oracle JET - Curl - Async

The Nordic APIs 2019 Platform Summit attracted both industry experts and thought leaders, this year I was lucky enough to be selected to present a consumer’s take on GraphQL vs REST. My short presentation and accompanying demo (written using Oracle JET) imparted the top 3 factors a consumer considers when looking at an API, the key take-away is that ultimately the design of the API is more important than the technology the API is built in.

The two main days of the conference covered a variety of topics such as Security, Async APIs, API Styles and Best Practices. Of the various sessions, I personally found the following sessions thought provoking and enjoyable:

Whilst the above sessions were my personal favourites, the entire conference hosted an enourmous amount of content and I would definitely recommend the platform summit for anyone interested in the API space! Hopefully I’m lucky enough to be selected for the 2020 Platform Summit.

The recording of all of the sessions can be found on the following Nordic API YouTube playlist which includes my session.

The demo from my session can be found on my GitHub here, the pre-requisites are only to install Oracle JET on your machine via npm presuming you have Node already…

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